Awakening Journals


[004] Armored Ogre
[007] Blight Werewolf
[010] Charred Sylvan
[011] The Children
[015] The Disciples
[017] Inferno Golem
[037] Tears in the Veil

Magic and Religion

[059] Pilgrims and Amaranthine

Culture and History

[101] The Crown and Lion
[102] The Port City of Amaranthine
[108] The Howes of Amaranthine
[166] The Blackmarsh
[167] Drake's Fall
[168] The Fortress of Kal'Hirol
[169] The Paragon Hirol
[172] Surfacer Dwarves
[173] The Great Strife
[174] The First Warden
[175] Vassals and their Liege
[176] The Vigil


[178] Anders, [189] Oghren, [197] Justice, [200] Mhairi,
[202] Nathaniel, [205] Sigrun, [210] Seneschal Varel,
[211] Velanna

Books and Songs

[229] Dailan's Journal
[235] Records of the Blackmarsh
[243] Kristoff's Journal
[247] The Canticle of Maferath
[251] The Baroness's Secret
[255] Ancient Vows


[256] A Letter from the Architect
[257] The Architect's Journal
[258] A Letter from Aura
[260] A Miner's Letter
[263] The Architect's Notes
[266] Order to the Militia
[268] Letter to Rendon Howe
[269] Response from Rendon Howe
[272] A Scout's Report


[328] Karsten Wilde's Last Testament
[329] Darran Lyle's Missive
[331] A Scholar's Journal
[332] Bonny's Angry Letter
[334] Materials for Working with Dragonbone
[335] Materials for Working with Golem Shells
[336] Materials for Working with Heartwood
[337] The Gangue Shade

Characters> Velanna

"I know a human crime when I see it. I have experienced more than enough of them."

Velanna wreaked havoc in the Wending Wood, murdering humans who crossed her path to terrorize the nearby villages into releasing her sister.

However, ****** discovered that darkspawn were to blame for Velanna's sister's disappearance. Hoping to rescue her sister, Velanna offered to help the Warden-Commander destroy the darkspawn.

Velanna was upset to discover that her sister, Seranni, was working willingly with the Architect. She pledged herself to the Grey Wardens and survived the Joining.

Velanna is fond of the color green as well as items that remind her of elven culture and nature.

Characters> Justice

"I have no name, only a virtue to which I aspire."

A spirit of justice fought on behalf of the villagers that the baroness trapped in the Fade. When the Warden-Commander escaped through a tear in the Veil, Justice was dragged along and deposited in the corpse of the Grey Warden Kristoff.

The baroness's defeat left Justice trapped in the mortal world. Believing Kristoff's mission to be worthy, he agreed to travel with the Warden-Commander.

Kristoff's wife, Aura, arrived at Vigil's Keep. Upon realizing what had become of her husband, she accused Justice of desecrating Kristoff's body. This distressed Justice, who insisted on finding a way to ease Aura's pain.

Justice visited Aura again later, promising to avenge her husband's death. This pact gave both a measure of peace.

Justice likes tokens that remind him of the Fade as well as items that provide insight into Kristoff's life.

Justice disapproved of the Warden-Commander's decision to ally with the Architect. A fight broke out and Justice was defeated. Whether the spirit perished or simply departed is unclear.

Quest-Related> Materials for Working with ******

Materials for Working with Dragonbone

What a lovely specimen! But dragonbone is so very hard. I need a diamond--yes, that will do--and a balm of great strength to keep the sword from burning my hands. The liquid from a fresh dragon's egg will also come in handy, I should think. Shouldn't be a problem for you. Oh, and a flame rune--grandmaster caliber. Do hurry!

Materials for Working with Golem Shells

What a day! First, I'll need some wool padding. Working with golem shells can chafe, don't you know? Second, a lyrium potion made by a master, to ensure the sould that once inhabited this armor is washed away for good. You wouldn't want that golem coming back, would you? Also some pure iron--pure, mind you. No imperfections at all! And a packet of ground blood lotus. Maybe some soup? No? No.

Materials for Working with Heartwood

Those blasted elves didn't write anything down! And the Dalish are positively unfriendly. I could use some oil to make the wood more malleable, some catgut to string the bow or to make a handle for the shield, and a flawless ruby--always handy and certainly pretty. Oh, and I know: a grandmaster lightning rune.

Quest-Related> Bonnie's Angry Letter

Corin, is our relationship a joke? Am I a joke to you? What am I supposed to think, waking up to this "love" note:
Corin、わたしたちの関係って冗談なの? わたしはあなたにとって悪ふざけの相手なの? 目覚めて気づいたけれど、こんな”恋”文で、一体わたしに何を考えろっていうのよ。

"Follow my trail of love, my darling,
You are my hen, the mistress of my flock,
You nourish my body, and tend to my... rooster."

Really, Corin? I tend to your "rooster?" That's the most disgusting thing I've heard in my entire life. You said there was a surprise waiting for me. I'm supposed to follow your trail? Ugh, I despise you! I abhor you, you petty, ill-made wart!
本当に、Corin? わたしがあなたの”オンドリ”の世話をする、ですって? これまでの人生で聞いた中でも最高にムカつく話だわ。 あなたはびっくりサプライズが わたしを待っているって言ってたけれど、その軌跡とやらをわたしが辿ることになってたの? ゲェ、軽蔑するわ! あなたなんか、セコくて出来の悪いイヤな人よ、大嫌い!

You said last week that everything would be different for us. Well, you ware right! I'm leaving.
先週 あなたは言っていたわよね、わたしたちの関係は何もかもが異なった風になるだろうって。 ええ、あなたは正しかった! これでサヨウナラよ。

With venom and spite,

Magic and Religion> Pilgrims and Amaranthine

The faithful travel great distance to see the birthplace of Andraste in Denerim, yet many make their piligrimage longer still by visiting Amaranthine. After all, it was from the city's port that Maferath and his army departed to invade the Tevinter Imperium, and the Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer now stands on the site where Andraste first revealed the Chant of Light.

This is why the road that joins Amaranthine to Denerim is known as the Pilgrim's Path, and why the Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer is the wealthiest chantry in all of Ferelden.

--From Annals of Northern Ferelden, by Brother Bedine, Chantry scholar

Creatures> The Children

The Children appear to be twisted mutations of darkspawn. They have set even hurlocks, genlocks, and ogres to fleeing.

The monsters appear first as childer grubs, gruesome larval creatures that wriggle on the ground. This is the only vulnerable stage of their development. To squish them is to do the world a favor.

When grubs devour the flesh of slain darkspawn, a dramatic change occurs. To a sound of tearing flesh, legs emerge. The childer can now run down its prey with startling speed.

Upon gorging itself again, the childer transforms further, developing spindly limbs tipped with spikes that skewer prey.

Quest-Related> A Scholar's Journal

7 Cloudreach: Ordered roast boar at the inn. Love that stuff! I shared the meal with a weary old traveler newly arrived via the Pilgrim's path. Told me that he stumbled upon an odd structure of stones in the Wending Wood. He showed me a souvenir he brought back, one of the smaller stones. It looked familiar somehow.
7 Cloudreach: 宿屋にて雄ブタの炙り肉を注文。 こればっかりはやめられん! わたしは、Pilgrim's Pathを通って新たに到着した ひとりの疲れきった年寄りの旅行者と食事をともにした。 彼は Wending Woodで、奇妙な石の建造物に蹴つまづいたという話をしてくれた。 記念に持ち帰ったという小さな石を見せてくれた。 どこかで見たことのある気がする。

9 Cloudreach: I remember where I saw that stone--an old history book in Dnerim's chantry! The Tevinters built structures to harness mystical energies. Most have been destroyed, the stones used for construction, yet the traveler claims this one survives.
9 Cloudreach: あの石をどこで見たのか思い出した --DenerimのChantryにあった古い歴史本だ! Tevinter人は神秘的なエネルギーを利用するために建造物を構築した。 石製の大部分は破壊されてしまったが、あの旅行者はひとつは残存していると主張しているのだ。

10 Cloudreach: He was at the inn again and sold me the stone. I'm heading to the Wending Wood as soon as I find a caravan, although people seem wary of the place.
10 Cloudreach: 再び宿屋で、彼にあの石を売ってもらった。 地元民はWending Woodを警戒しているようだが、わたしはキャラバンを見つけ次第、そこへ向かうつもりだ。

29 Justinian: Finally found a caravan! Nervous lot, though--barely halted to let me out. Found the structure and spent the day studying it. Burned myself on the magical fire several times, but I think I've figured it out. Must make a path of fire that connects all the stones in a single loop. Will attempt after I drive away whatever creature's making that rustling noise.
29 Justinian: ついにキャラバンを見つけた! 神経質な奴ら、けれど--わたしを降ろすときはどうにか停車してくれた。 構築物を見つけて、それを研究することに日を費やした。 不思議な炎で何度か自分を焼いたが、これのしくみを理解できたと思う。 ひと続きの線ですべての石をつなぐ、炎の道を作らなければならない。 このさらさらと音を立てている生き物がなんであろうと、それを追い払った後、試してみよう。

Books and Songs> The Canticle of Maferath

(These verses were carved into statues in the Wending Wood. They appear to be from the Canticle of Maferath, which the Chantry includes among the Dissonant Verses, unacknowledged in the Chant of Light.)
(これらの詩はWending Woodの彫像に刻まれていた。 Chant of Lightで認められていない、不協和の一節として扱われている "Maferathの賛歌" からの引用のようだ)

Spite ate away all that was good, kind, and loving till nothing was left but the spite itself, coiled 'round my heart like a great worm.

And in my darkest hour, I turned from Her and vowed that I would destroy Her.

At the moment of Her death I knew what I had done, and I wept.

I shall bring the lands of my fathers to Her Word. Therein lies their salvation and mine.
わたしは先祖伝来の土地を彼女の神に差し出そう。 そこに、わたしと彼らの救済がある。

And She came to me in a vision and laid Her hand on my heart.

Her touch was like fire that did not burn. And by Her touch, I was made pure again.
彼女のひと触れはまるで炎のようだったが、焼かれることはなかった。 そして彼女の接触により、わたしは再び清らかにされた。

Despair not, said She, for your betrayal was Maker-blessed and returned me to His side.
「絶望することはありません」、と彼女は言った。 「あなたの裏切りはMakerによって清められ、わたくしは彼のもとへと戻されたのです」

I am forgiven.

Creatures> Tears in the Veil

Studies of the Veil have never been thorough. The Tevinters once theorized that the Veil is thin in places that have seen great bloodshed. As the chantry is so found of reminding us, the magisters of the Imperium only once crossed physically into the Fade, the catastrophe that blackened the Golden City. As the story goes, the ritual consumed a vast quantity of lyrium and the blood of ta hundred slaves. But was it the deaths that bridged the woulds, or simply the blood and lyrium? Or both?

Demons seize every opportunity, every tear in the Veil, to enter our would. Once the Veil is torn, it is extremely difficult to mend, some say impossible.

--From The Lectures of First Enchanter Wenselus

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