[001] Abomination, [002] Arcane Horror, [003] Archdemon,
[004] Ash Wraith, [005] Bear, [006] Bronto, [007] Broodmother,
[008] Corpse, [009] Deepstalker, [010] Desire Demon,
[011] Dragon, [012] Genlock, [013] Ghoul, [014] Golem,
[015] Halla, [016] Hurlock, [017] Mabari War Hound,
[018] Nug, [019] Ogre, [020] Pride Demon, [021] Rage Demon,
[022] Rat, [023] Revenant, [024] Shade, [025] Shriek,
[026] Skeleton, [027] Sloth Demon, [028] Giant Spider,
[029] Wild Sylvan, [030] Werewolf, [031] Wisp, [032] Wolf,
[033] Mabari Dominance


[034] The Litany of Adralla (Broken Circle, Niall's body)
[035] Archons of the Imperium (Brecilian Forest, Mad Hermit本)
[036] Havard's Aegis (Tower of Ishal)
[037] Ancient Elven Armor (Werewolf's Ruin)
[038] Aodh (Denerim, Cristof)
[039] Bard's Dancing Shoes (Party Camp, Bodahn)
[040] Blood Ring (Orzammar 非公式Proving)
[041] The Bow of the Golden Sun (Elven Alienage, Devera)
[042] Camenae's Barbute (Denerim, 商人Gorim)
[043] The Dark Moon (Dalish Camp, Varathorn)
[044] Katriel's Grasp (Denerim, 商人Gorim)
[045] The Life Drinker (Mountainside Caverns)
[046] The Magister's Shield (Denerim, Deserted Building)
[047] Shadow of the Empire (Orzammar, 商人Legnar)
[048] The Summer Sword (Ser Cauthrien)
[049] Thorn of the Dead Gods (Lothering)
[050] Thorval's Luck (Denerim, 商人Gorim)
[051] Yusaris: The Dragonslayer (Circle Tower)

Magic and Religion

[052] Andruil: Goddess of the Hunt (Dalish Camp)
[053] Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets (Dalish Camp)
[054] Elgar'nan: God of Vengeance (Dalish Camp)
[055] Falon'Din: Friend of the Dead, the Guide (Werewolf's ruin)
[056] Fen'Harel: the Dread Wolf (Dalish Camp)
[057] Ghilan'nain: Mother of the Halla (Dalish Camp)
[058] June: God of the Graft (Dalish Camp)
[059] Mythal: the Great Protector (E-Brecilian Forest)
[060] Sylaise: the Hearthkeeper (Dalish Camp)
[061] The Aeonar (MageOrigin, Lilyが連行される場所)
[062] Andraste: Bride of the Maker (Highever城の教会, MO塔の本)
[063] The Rite of Annulment (MageOrigin 塔の本/Broken Circle's Fade)
[064] Apostates (Jowan, Redcliffe城)
[065] The Black City (MageOrigin, Fade)
[066] The Chant of Light: The Blight (MageOrigin 塔の本/Duncan)
[067] The Commandments of the Maker (Redcliffe村の礼拝堂)
[068] The Maker (MageOrigin 塔の本)
[069] The Chant of Light: Redemption (Denerim教会前 会話)
[070] The Imperial Chantry (Lothering Book)
[071] Chantry Hierachy (Genitivi home)
[072] Templars (Alistair)
[073] The Founding of the Chantry (MageOrigin 塔の祭壇)
[074] The Fraternity of Enchanters (Mage Tower, Irvingの書斎)
[075] Hierarchy of the Circle (MageOrigin 塔の本/Broken Circle's Fade)
[076] History of the Circle (MageOrigin 塔の本/Broken Circle's Fade)
[077] The Fade (MageOrigin 塔の本)
[078] The Harrowing (Broken Circle's Fade)
[079] Lyrium (MageOrigin 塔の本)
[080] Maleficarum (MageOrigin 塔の本/Broken Circle's Fade)
[081] Mana and the Use of Magic
[082] Demonic Possesion (Redcliffe礼拝堂)
[083] The Cardinal Rules of Magic (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[084] Blood Magic: The Forbidden School (MO, Irvingの書斎/Jowan, Redcliffe 城の地下牢)
[085] The Four Schools of Magic: Creation (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[086] The Four Schools of Magic: Entropy (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[087] The Four Schools of Magic: Primal (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[088] The Four Schools of Magic: Spirit (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[089] Beyond the Veil: Spirits and Demons (MageOrigin Harrowing/Broken Circle's Fade)
[090] The Tranquil (MageOrigin, Jowan/Ostagar)
[091] The Sacred Ashes of Andraste (Lothering Chantry2)
[092] The Veil (Broken Circle's Fade)

MO=Mage Origin, HN=Human-Noble Origin
BC=Broken Circle

Culture and History

[093] Aravels (Dalish Camp)
[094] The Dales (Dalish Camp)
[095] The Long Walk (Dalish Camp)
[096] Uthenera (Werewolf's ruin, PlateArmorSet)
[097] Vallaslin: Blood Writing (Dalish Camp)
[098] The History of the Drydens (Levi)
[099] The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter1 (Warden's Keep)
[100] The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter2 (Warden's Keep)
[101] The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter3 (Warden's Keep)
[102] The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter4 (Warden's Keep)
[103] The Anderfels (Denerim, The Pearl)
[104] Antiva (Denerim, Arl Denerim館)
[105] The Avvars (Village of Haven)
[106] The Bannorn (Denerim, Arl Eamon館)
[107] The Brecilian Forest (DalishElfOrigin)
[108] Thedas Calendar (Redcliffe Chantry)
[109] The Chasind (Lothering)
[110] The City Elves (CityElfOrigin)
[111] Alienage Culture (CityElfOrigin)
[112] Arlathan: Part One (Dalish Camp)
[113] Arlathan: Part Two (DalishElfOrigin)
[114] The Dalish Elves (DalishElfOrigin/CityElfOrigin)
[115] Denerim (Denerim Market District 魔法店)
[116] Dragon Cults (Genitivi home)
[117] History of Ferelden: Chapter1 (Redcliffe城)
[118] History of Ferelden: Chapter2 (CityElf, Arl Denerim館)
[119] Culture of Ferelden (CityElfOrigin, Alarith's store)
[120] Dogs in Ferelden (Mage:Ostagar, Book/HumanNoble)
[121] Geography of Ferelden (Redcliffe城)
[122] The Free Marches (Denerim, Arl Eamon館)
[123] Politics of Ferelden (Denerim 宿屋)
[124] The Frostback Mountains (Urn's Caverns)
[125] Gwaren (Denerim, Arl Denerim館)
[126] Highever (Human-Noble origin)
[127] Lake Calenhad (Redcliffe村の看板)
[128] Lothering (Lothering)
[129] King Maric Theirin (Ostagar, Loghain)
[130] Nevarra (Denerim 宿屋)
[131] The Noble Families of Ferelden (Denerim, Arl Denerim館)
[132] The Old Gods (Urn's Ruined Temple)
[133] The Orlesian Empire (Redcliffe城の本)
[134] The Casteless (Orzammar, Dust town)
[135] The Castes (Orzammar, Dust town)
[136] Life in Orzammar (Orza, Common Area:防具屋)
[137] Deep Roads (Orza, Diamond Area:Shaperate)
[138] The City of Orzammar (Orzammar:標識)
[139] Cut to Kal Sharok (Orzammar, Common)
[140] Legion of the Dead (Orza, Diamond Area:Shapers)
[141] House Aeducan, Shield of Orzammar (Orz, Diamond)
[142] The Paragons (Orza, Hall of heroes)
[143] Orzammar Politics (Orza, Diamond Area:Shapers)
[144] The Proving (Orzammar, Proving Area)
[145] Dwarven Faith (Orzam, Diamond Area:Shapers)
[146] Stalata Negat (Deep Roads, Dead Trenches)
[147] Orzammar History: Chapter One (Deep Roads, Caridin's Cross)
[148] Orzammar History: Chapter Two (Deep Roads, Dead Trenches)
[149] Ostagar (Ostagar, from Soldier)
[150] Par Vollen: The Occupied North (Denerim, Arl Eamon館)
[151] The Qunari (Denerim Market District 魔法店)
[152] Redcliffe (Redcliffe村)
[153] Rivain (Denerim 宿屋)
[154] The Tevinter Imperium (MO 地下の彫像/BC, Templar区)
[155] Legend of the Juggernaut (Brecilian Forest)
[156] Geography of Thedas (Denerim Market District 魔法店)
[157] Vhenadahl: The Tree of the People
(Denerim, Elven Alienage)
[158] The Grey Wardens (Duncan)
[159] The Korcari Wilds (Ostagar)
[160] Darkspawn (Duncan)
[161] The Blight (Deep Roads, Caridin's Cross)


[162] Alistair, [163] Queen Anora, [164] Bhelen Aeducan
[165] King Cailan Theirin, [166] Ser Cauthrien, [167] Connor Guerrin,
[168] Dog, [169] Duncan, [170] Arl Eamon Guerrin,
[171] King Endrin Aeducan, [172] Flemeth,
[173] Brother Ferdinand Genitivi, [174] Knight-Commander Greagoir,
[175] Lord Pyral Harrowmont, [176] Arl Rendon Howe,
[177] First Enchanter Irving, [178] Arlessa Isolde, [179] Leliana,
[180] Loghain Mac Tir, [181] Morrigan, [182] Oghren, [183] Shale,
[184] Sten, [185] Bann Teagan Guerrin, [186] Valendrian, [187] Wynne,
[188] Keeper Zathrian, [189] Zevran Arainai, [190] Witherfang,
[191] Sophia Dryden

Books and Songs

[192] Aveline, Knight of Orlais (Redcliffe城)
[193] Ballad of Ayesleigh (Redcliffe村 徴収兵の家)
[194] Meditations and Odes to Bees (Denerim, Eamon館)
[195] Adventures of the Black Fox (Lothering Chantry)
[196] The Holy Brazier (Urn's Ruined Temple)
[197] The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter1 (Kaitlyn宅)
[198] The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter2 (Broken Circle)
[199] The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter3 (Denerim宿屋)
[200] Caridin's Journal (Deep Roads)
[201] The History of the Chantry: Chapter1 (Tower of Ishal)
[202] The History of the Chantry: Chapter2 (Redcliffe城)
[203] The History of the Chantry: Chapter3 (Genitivi home)
[204] The History of the Chantry: Chapter4 (Denerim魔法店)
[205] The Tale of Iloren (Dalish Camp)
[206] Dane and the Wereowolf (Denerim, The Pearl)
[207] Death of a Templar (Village of Haven)
[208] A Very Chewed and Moist Book (Dog)
[209] The Noladar Anthology of Dwarven Poetry (Denerim市場)
[210] Feast Day Fish (Denerim, Eamon館)
[211] The First Blight: Chapter1 (Lothering Chantry)
[212] The First Blight: Chapter2 (Redcliffe城)
[213] The First Blight: Chapter3 (Urn's Caverns)
[214] The First Blight: Chapter4 (Denerim, Arl Denerim館)
[215] The Maker's First Children (Urn's The Gauntlet)
[216] The Legion of Steel (Orzammar Diamond Area:Shapers)
[217] In Uthenera (Dalish Camp, Book in a chest)
[218] Legend of Luthias Dwarfson (Ostagar, Ash warriors)
[219] In Praise of the Humble Nug (Orz Diamond:Shapers)
[220] Traditional Dwarven Folk Songs (Orz Diamond:Shapers)
[221] The Sermons of Divine Renata I (Urn's Ruined Temple)
[222] Journal of the Tranquil (Redcliffe城)
[223] Trian's Journal (Orza, Royal Palace)
[224] The Journal of Enchanter Wilhelm (Wilhelm's Cellar)
[225] Cautionary Tales for the Adventurous (Kaitlyn宅)
[226] Sophia Drayden's Journal (Warden's Keep)


[227] Cailan's Documents - Page 3 of 3 (Return to Ostagar)
[228] Berwick's Letter (Redcliffe酒場のBerwick)
[229] A Letter to someone in Highever (Dog, Lake Calenhad)
[230] A Letter from King Endrin (Orzammar王宮)
[231] A Note from the Honnleath Village Council (Honnleath村)
[232] A Note from Ser Henric (Lothering)
[233] A Letter from Rica (Orzammar)
[234] A Carved Elven Tablet (Ruin of Werewolf)
[235] A Tattered shopping List (Redcliffe雑貨屋)
[236] Graffiti in Redcliffe's Tavern (Redcliffe酒場の落書き)
[237] A Decades-Old Letter (Wilhelm's Cellar)
[238] A Letter From Bann Mathuin Wulff (Warden's Keep)
[239] Avernus's Note (Warden's Keep)
[240] A Plea From Commander Athlar (Warden's Keep)
[241] Load Limit Reached (Deep Roads)
[242] The Black Vials (各地)
[243] Correspondence Interruptus (各地)
[244] Circles Within Circles (Circle Tower, Irvingの書斎)
[245] Desire and Need (Circle Tower)
[246] The Notes of Arl Foreshadow (Broken Tower, Stealing)
[247] Irving's Mistake (Circle Tower, Irvingの書斎)
[248] Promises of Pride (Circle Tower)
[249] Extracurricular Studies (Circle Tower)
[250] Cailan's Document - Page 2 of 3 (Return to Ostagar)
[251] Cailan's Document - Page 1 of 3 (Return to Ostagar)
[252] Return to Ostagar - Credits (Return to Ostagar)

Spell Combinations

[258] Shockwave
[259] Improved Drain
[261] Nightmare
[262] Shattering


[304] A Rolled-Up Note (Redcliffe城の地下牢)
[305] Summoning Sciences (Circle Tower)
[306] The Dead Caste (Deep Roads)
[307] The Crosscut Drifters (Deep Roads)
[308] The Gangue Shade
[309] The Key to the City (Orzammar)
[310] The Shaper's Life (Orzammar/Deep Roads)
[311] Topsider's Honor (Deep Roads)
[312] Jammer's Stash (Orzammar)
[313] Letter from the Blackstone Irregulars (Lothering)
[314] Blackstone Letter of Conscription (Lothering)
[315] Blackstone Letter of Condolences (Denerim宿屋)
[316] A Pinch of Ashes (Korcari Wilds)
[317] Letter to Jogby (Korcari Wilds, Jogby's body)
[318] Farewell Letter to Jogby (Korcari Wilds)
[319] Rigby's Last Will and Testament (Korcari Wilds)
[320] Signs of the Chasind (Korcari Wilds)
[321] The Mages' Collective (Redcliffe村、他)
[322] Asunder (Deep Roads)
[323] Unbound (Orzammar酒場NPC他)
[324] Caged in Stone (Orzammar Throne)
[325] By Order of Emer Thorogood
[326] The Scrolls of Banastor (Circle Tower他)
[327] Friends of Red Jenny (The Long Road)
[328] Five pages, Four Mages (Circle Tower)
[329] Watchguard of the Reaching (Circle Tower)
[330] Maleficarum Regrets (Lothering)
[331] Renold's Plea (街道)
[332] The Spot (Circle Tower)
[333] Letter of Termination (Mages' Collective)

Quest-Related> Letter of Termination

Letter of Termination

My dear apprentice,

I have sent this courier with this note to officially end your period of apprenticeship. I harbor you no ill will, for despite your complete incompetence you have failed to do lasting harm to myself or my work. Sadly, I will not have a chance to witness your floundering attempts at improvement.

When you return from your current errand, your apprenticeship will be over. Now, hurry, I have dire need of the supplies I sent you to procure.

--The mage Terraster


Quest-Related> The Spot

The Spot
Circle Tower1階: Apprentice区の2部屋目で見つかるノート。
これを見つけたあと手前の部屋へ戻ると、Denri's Bedを捜索できるようになり、2,3のアイテムが手に入る。

Maker's wind, Daarci, I said I'd wait, but it's not just a disagreement! Uldred set abominations loose! One was in my mentor's robe! If you make it here, something in "the spot" may help you out. No point in hiding it from the senior mages now, and don't worry about Denri's usual fee for moving his bed. He's dead.

--Apprentice Mand


Quest-Related> Renold's Plea

Renold's Plea
(The Mages' Collectiveクエ、Have You Seen Me?の対象者の遺書)

Should you find this note, I beg you, please complete my task.

I am Renold, master mage and mentor to the misguided fool, Heshir. It seems that my young apprentice got mixed up in magic unmentionable, for which I pledged to pursue him to the ends of the world.

If you are reading this, then my apprentice caught up to me and choked from me my last breath. I beg you to delve into this ancient elven forest and end the threat of the abomination my beloved apprentice has become.

Should you do this, then I beg you, keep the feldspar ring you find on my apprentice's finger as a token of my thanks. And may you never know profound failure such as that I feel as I write this.



Quest-Related> Maleficarum Regrets

Maleficarum Regrets

I won't go back. Let them hunt, and dread finding me. But you, Melis, should not live this life. It would please me if you found a life in the Circle Tower. I left a few things there, mostly stolen from the enchanters. Sell them to find a new path. The cache is in the study area, middle alcove. Good bye.

--Bel Gruce


Circle TowerのSenior Mage地区に Bel's Cache が放置されている。


Quest-Related> Watchguard of the Reaching

Watchguard of the Reaching

I'm telling you guys, it's a test like the summoning. Why else would lessons be canceled? And that outburst in the library with Uldred? An older tome fell to a page on "the Reaching." I copied what I could before they pushed us out.

Ritual note:
A sword lowered, to strike through and ground.

You can't tell me I wasn't supposed to see that. It's too convenient. I'm looking for more, and you'd be smart to help.


 *** ***

No, no, no, and stop asking! I'm not getting in trouble because of you again. I don't care what's in the basement, and neither do the senior magi. Everything is about Uldred and the upper floors. I don't know what you're digging up, but those tomes are way older than our lesson texts. An apprentice shouldn't touch them!

Ritual Note:
The threads burned before a Giant, spear raised. He stands alone, so whispers are known false.


(Scribbled in corner)
Don't need him. Owain knew "Reaching:"

 *** ***

First Enchanter Dorval fell suddenly to a disease of the lungs. This unfortunate disruption in the direct line of descent from tower founding should be treated as opportunity. The Circle will reform practices to better address the times. Many rituals remain valuable, but some--The Two Bells, Garnold's Lament, Watchguard of the Reaching, Benford Da--have little or no meaning in our texts.

We will move forward, as Dorval would have wished, and commit these and other ceremonies to the age we have left. With no plan of estate, his belongings have been transferred into the common library for the benefit of all.

--Excerpt: Circle of Magi Declaration, Kinloch Hold Transitional, 5:90 Exalted

(Scribbled in corner)
"Reaching" again! And old! They don't know! Idiots! Wards weaken!

 *** ***

Today we passed even further, far beyond any reach of man. The inverted glow of the Black City was always on the horizon of perception, but a path eludes, as always. Untraveled in memory, living or otherwise, there is a pull, and whispers abound. Something great is there. And away from this, always in peripheral, another mind, untethered. Tomorrow I will reach out with my full attention, and try to rescue him from his listing. Can someone else have come this far? The wonders we will share.

Ritual note:
The vessel in hand, words from another time drip literal power.

Documents of the Reaching, estimated second century, Ancient
First enchanter appointed Watchguard of the Reaching, to be held in secret

(Scribbled in corner)
"Reaching!" Before the Circle! Someone else in the Fade? I want this!

 *** ***

His silver cord transmuted black. Black! There is no wonder his form shattered. What returned was not of the mortal, nor native Fade. Does an afterthought prove the gods when direct action is long missing? There is no purpose to this beast. Let the strength of the tower wither it and memory pass. The only legacy to be taught: Stay focused within the Fade. Whims escape to their own action.

Ritual note:
A sword raised, to sever connection.

Documents of the Reaching, estimated second century, Ancient
First enchanter appointed Watchguard of the Reaching, to be held in secret

(Scribbled in corner)
Cord? Peasant magic! Must know. Can almost see. Whispers want!

 *** ***

(Hastily scribbled)

Whisper says Great Hall? Hidden above us the whole time!
-The vessel in hand, words from another time drip literal power. (Put on bowl!)
-A sword raised, to sever connection. (Cord cut!)
-A sword lowered, to strike through and ground. (Bile!)
-The threads placed before a warrior, spear raised. Shielded from each side, so whispers are known false. (Where is this? It whispered order, but not where! It's in my head!)

 *** ***

Shah Wyrd
A collection of powerful but undirected thoughts coalesced in the Fade. Such a being is in direct opposition to singular focus and drive. Distraction made flesh. The mind or minds that loosed this within the Fade must have been powerful and ancient indeed.


Quest-Related> Five Pages, Four Mages

Five Pages, Four Mages

Tome Deus vi Eternus

In malefectorum, dragos te' ventim. Solariat ven deos mentoris, pluratic ven contrivarian.
Spake he the words, and brought life. Speak you the words... ascension.
Answers lie in... (text illegible)

(Notes on the page below)

Here I begin my study, knowing full well it will change the Circle forever. Let history mark the date that this work began, 9:29 Dragon, so that when new calendars are put to paper, the date Fonst 0.0 is known with certainty. From the mouths of gods, finally to the people. Through me.

--Enchanter Fonst

 *** ***

Tome Deus vi Eternus

In malefectorum, dragos te' ventim. Solariat ven deos mentoris, pluratic ven contrivarian.
Spake he the words, and brought life. Speak you the words... ascension.
Answers lie in... (text illegible)

(Notes on the page below)
479 sovereigns, plus favors.
Immortality worth every coin.
Words of creation, proof of Maker.
No one must know until translations are complete!
I will have First Enchanter... the ear of kings... I will own kings!
Glory everlasting!

--Enchanter Modalt

 *** ***

Tome Deus vi Eternus

In malefectorum, dragos te' ventim. Solariat ven deos mentoris, pluratic ven contrivarian.
Spake he the words, and brought life. Speak you the words... ascension.
Answers lie in... (text illegible)

(Notes on the page below)
Notes on a wondrous discovery:
A strange script. Uniform, by steady hand. Yes, one would expect an agent of the Maker to be steady. In fact, it follows all my expectations of the words the Maker would bestow. It is perfect, and once translated, I will have such fun lording this over the Chantry. Worth every bit.

--Enchanter Gaius

 *** ***

Tome Deus vi Eternus

In malefectorum, dragos te' ventim. Solariat ven deos mentoris, pluratic ven contrivarian.
Spake he the words, and brought life. Speak you the words... ascension.
Answers lie in... (text illegible)

(Notes on the page below)

Maker take the vendor, a copy! A fake!
Why didn't I see? It was obvious! Spake?!
Laughing stock!
No one must know!
Beyha Joam--I find him; I'll kill him !

 *** ***

Tome Deus vi Eternus

In malefectorum, dragos te' ventim. Solariat ven deos mentoris, pluratic ven contrivarian.
Spake he the words, and brought life. Speak you the words... ascension.
Answers lie in... (text illegible)

(Notes on the page below)

The words elude me, but I will defy their obstinateness. Worked by the Old Gods or the Maker himself, I will wring their secrets into my hands. I need the essence of the powerful. And the pure. And so begins a bloody road, but at the end, godhood, the keys to the Black City.

--Enchanter Rhonus


Quest-Related> Friend of Red Jenny

Friend of Red Jenny

The task was never promised to be easy. You said you could enter the Circle Tower, and you were believed. Find the small painted box in First Enchanter Irving's office and deliver it to the door marked in Denerim as agreed, or be prepared to find yourself hunted across Ferelden.

--Friends of Red Jenny

(There is a sketched map of several doors. It requires the box to be placed on it to block out false leads.)


Quest-Related> The Scrolls of Banastor

The Scrolls of Banastor

To align with the power of the Fade is but the first of many steps. Further is to align the mind to the Fade's rules and find the ties between the realm of dream and the realm of flesh. This is the true power of blood magic: The flesh and the mind are inseparable, and therein lies the power to influence and control minds.

(Below the text are indecipherable runes and stains of blood and ink.)

 *** ***

Others may speak of the sanctity of the mind. To those who know the true power of the blood, this is foolishness. The mind is no more sacred than the knee, the small toe, or the ear. It is man's organ of reasoning, nothing more. And true reasoning requires connection to the rhythm of the blood, the tireless pounding of life. Interrupt this, and even the mind is yours to control.

(Below the text is a diagram of a blood magic ritual in progress, with no notation or description.)

 *** ***

In the Fade dwell creatures both foul and fair, but all plague mankind with lusts and prides incalculable in our waking hours. Our power attracts them, and for good reason: Our unique bridge between flesh and dreams is one way they can enter the realm of flesh. To begin the path to true power, court these poor, terrible creatures and best them. Force them into servitude or pledge your heart to them. Either way, you gain immense power and the means with which to tear holes in the world.

(Below the text, scribbled in the margin, are arcane symbols drawn with blood.)

 *** ***

The creatures, these demons, require little in the way of bribery. Their natural state is one of longing for the world of flesh and blood. This is what you offer them: respite from their eternal search for true life. Engage them in a battle of wills, and you will be successful. Should you fail, the power will be yours, but your body will belong to the demon. Relish this infernal power while it lasts, for once you are an abomination, your demon half will soon swallow your mind.

(Below is a litany of lines written in an arcane, forgotten language, indecipherable to all but the most obsessed of linguists.)

 *** ***

Finally, once you have come to ascend, have tasted the sweet nectar of the demonic blessing, rise anew, ascended, as a god. Through the connection between earth and sky, flesh and dream, blood and memory, you have risen above the petty concerns of the Chantry and her minions, past the notice of secular nobles and their petty squabbles. Through the rituals inscribed in these scrolls, you have mastered the minds of others, braved the temptations of the Fade, and quashed the terrible will of demons. Let no murder or theft weigh upon your mind, as your will is absolute, and the world is yours to claim.

(Below the text are more arcane glyphs, terrible and dark in their implications.)


Quest-Related> By Order of Emer Thorogood

By Order of Emer Thorogood

We know they are out there, and they will move when their fellow vermin call them out. Watch for the sign and slaughter the lot. They will know it is coming, and probably abandon the poor sap of a messenger, but even in that, our message will be sent with an authority theirs cannot have.

--By order of Emer Thorogood


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  • Dragon Age Origins オススメMOD
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  • Magic and Religion> The Chant of Light: Redemption
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  • DLC The Stone Prisoner 和訳 ver.1
  • DLC The Stone Prisoner 和訳 ver.1
  • Dragon Age Origins オススメMOD