[001] Abomination, [002] Arcane Horror, [003] Archdemon,
[004] Ash Wraith, [005] Bear, [006] Bronto, [007] Broodmother,
[008] Corpse, [009] Deepstalker, [010] Desire Demon,
[011] Dragon, [012] Genlock, [013] Ghoul, [014] Golem,
[015] Halla, [016] Hurlock, [017] Mabari War Hound,
[018] Nug, [019] Ogre, [020] Pride Demon, [021] Rage Demon,
[022] Rat, [023] Revenant, [024] Shade, [025] Shriek,
[026] Skeleton, [027] Sloth Demon, [028] Giant Spider,
[029] Wild Sylvan, [030] Werewolf, [031] Wisp, [032] Wolf,
[033] Mabari Dominance


[034] The Litany of Adralla (Broken Circle, Niall's body)
[035] Archons of the Imperium (Brecilian Forest, Mad Hermit本)
[036] Havard's Aegis (Tower of Ishal)
[037] Ancient Elven Armor (Werewolf's Ruin)
[038] Aodh (Denerim, Cristof)
[039] Bard's Dancing Shoes (Party Camp, Bodahn)
[040] Blood Ring (Orzammar 非公式Proving)
[041] The Bow of the Golden Sun (Elven Alienage, Devera)
[042] Camenae's Barbute (Denerim, 商人Gorim)
[043] The Dark Moon (Dalish Camp, Varathorn)
[044] Katriel's Grasp (Denerim, 商人Gorim)
[045] The Life Drinker (Mountainside Caverns)
[046] The Magister's Shield (Denerim, Deserted Building)
[047] Shadow of the Empire (Orzammar, 商人Legnar)
[048] The Summer Sword (Ser Cauthrien)
[049] Thorn of the Dead Gods (Lothering)
[050] Thorval's Luck (Denerim, 商人Gorim)
[051] Yusaris: The Dragonslayer (Circle Tower)

Magic and Religion

[052] Andruil: Goddess of the Hunt (Dalish Camp)
[053] Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets (Dalish Camp)
[054] Elgar'nan: God of Vengeance (Dalish Camp)
[055] Falon'Din: Friend of the Dead, the Guide (Werewolf's ruin)
[056] Fen'Harel: the Dread Wolf (Dalish Camp)
[057] Ghilan'nain: Mother of the Halla (Dalish Camp)
[058] June: God of the Graft (Dalish Camp)
[059] Mythal: the Great Protector (E-Brecilian Forest)
[060] Sylaise: the Hearthkeeper (Dalish Camp)
[061] The Aeonar (MageOrigin, Lilyが連行される場所)
[062] Andraste: Bride of the Maker (Highever城の教会, MO塔の本)
[063] The Rite of Annulment (MageOrigin 塔の本/Broken Circle's Fade)
[064] Apostates (Jowan, Redcliffe城)
[065] The Black City (MageOrigin, Fade)
[066] The Chant of Light: The Blight (MageOrigin 塔の本/Duncan)
[067] The Commandments of the Maker (Redcliffe村の礼拝堂)
[068] The Maker (MageOrigin 塔の本)
[069] The Chant of Light: Redemption (Denerim教会前 会話)
[070] The Imperial Chantry (Lothering Book)
[071] Chantry Hierachy (Genitivi home)
[072] Templars (Alistair)
[073] The Founding of the Chantry (MageOrigin 塔の祭壇)
[074] The Fraternity of Enchanters (Mage Tower, Irvingの書斎)
[075] Hierarchy of the Circle (MageOrigin 塔の本/Broken Circle's Fade)
[076] History of the Circle (MageOrigin 塔の本/Broken Circle's Fade)
[077] The Fade (MageOrigin 塔の本)
[078] The Harrowing (Broken Circle's Fade)
[079] Lyrium (MageOrigin 塔の本)
[080] Maleficarum (MageOrigin 塔の本/Broken Circle's Fade)
[081] Mana and the Use of Magic
[082] Demonic Possesion (Redcliffe礼拝堂)
[083] The Cardinal Rules of Magic (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[084] Blood Magic: The Forbidden School (MO, Irvingの書斎/Jowan, Redcliffe 城の地下牢)
[085] The Four Schools of Magic: Creation (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[086] The Four Schools of Magic: Entropy (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[087] The Four Schools of Magic: Primal (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[088] The Four Schools of Magic: Spirit (MO 塔の本/BC's Fade)
[089] Beyond the Veil: Spirits and Demons (MageOrigin Harrowing/Broken Circle's Fade)
[090] The Tranquil (MageOrigin, Jowan/Ostagar)
[091] The Sacred Ashes of Andraste (Lothering Chantry2)
[092] The Veil (Broken Circle's Fade)

MO=Mage Origin, HN=Human-Noble Origin
BC=Broken Circle

Culture and History

[093] Aravels (Dalish Camp)
[094] The Dales (Dalish Camp)
[095] The Long Walk (Dalish Camp)
[096] Uthenera (Werewolf's ruin, PlateArmorSet)
[097] Vallaslin: Blood Writing (Dalish Camp)
[098] The History of the Drydens (Levi)
[099] The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter1 (Warden's Keep)
[100] The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter2 (Warden's Keep)
[101] The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter3 (Warden's Keep)
[102] The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter4 (Warden's Keep)
[103] The Anderfels (Denerim, The Pearl)
[104] Antiva (Denerim, Arl Denerim館)
[105] The Avvars (Village of Haven)
[106] The Bannorn (Denerim, Arl Eamon館)
[107] The Brecilian Forest (DalishElfOrigin)
[108] Thedas Calendar (Redcliffe Chantry)
[109] The Chasind (Lothering)
[110] The City Elves (CityElfOrigin)
[111] Alienage Culture (CityElfOrigin)
[112] Arlathan: Part One (Dalish Camp)
[113] Arlathan: Part Two (DalishElfOrigin)
[114] The Dalish Elves (DalishElfOrigin/CityElfOrigin)
[115] Denerim (Denerim Market District 魔法店)
[116] Dragon Cults (Genitivi home)
[117] History of Ferelden: Chapter1 (Redcliffe城)
[118] History of Ferelden: Chapter2 (CityElf, Arl Denerim館)
[119] Culture of Ferelden (CityElfOrigin, Alarith's store)
[120] Dogs in Ferelden (Mage:Ostagar, Book/HumanNoble)
[121] Geography of Ferelden (Redcliffe城)
[122] The Free Marches (Denerim, Arl Eamon館)
[123] Politics of Ferelden (Denerim 宿屋)
[124] The Frostback Mountains (Urn's Caverns)
[125] Gwaren (Denerim, Arl Denerim館)
[126] Highever (Human-Noble origin)
[127] Lake Calenhad (Redcliffe村の看板)
[128] Lothering (Lothering)
[129] King Maric Theirin (Ostagar, Loghain)
[130] Nevarra (Denerim 宿屋)
[131] The Noble Families of Ferelden (Denerim, Arl Denerim館)
[132] The Old Gods (Urn's Ruined Temple)
[133] The Orlesian Empire (Redcliffe城の本)
[134] The Casteless (Orzammar, Dust town)
[135] The Castes (Orzammar, Dust town)
[136] Life in Orzammar (Orza, Common Area:防具屋)
[137] Deep Roads (Orza, Diamond Area:Shaperate)
[138] The City of Orzammar (Orzammar:標識)
[139] Cut to Kal Sharok (Orzammar, Common)
[140] Legion of the Dead (Orza, Diamond Area:Shapers)
[141] House Aeducan, Shield of Orzammar (Orz, Diamond)
[142] The Paragons (Orza, Hall of heroes)
[143] Orzammar Politics (Orza, Diamond Area:Shapers)
[144] The Proving (Orzammar, Proving Area)
[145] Dwarven Faith (Orzam, Diamond Area:Shapers)
[146] Stalata Negat (Deep Roads, Dead Trenches)
[147] Orzammar History: Chapter One (Deep Roads, Caridin's Cross)
[148] Orzammar History: Chapter Two (Deep Roads, Dead Trenches)
[149] Ostagar (Ostagar, from Soldier)
[150] Par Vollen: The Occupied North (Denerim, Arl Eamon館)
[151] The Qunari (Denerim Market District 魔法店)
[152] Redcliffe (Redcliffe村)
[153] Rivain (Denerim 宿屋)
[154] The Tevinter Imperium (MO 地下の彫像/BC, Templar区)
[155] Legend of the Juggernaut (Brecilian Forest)
[156] Geography of Thedas (Denerim Market District 魔法店)
[157] Vhenadahl: The Tree of the People
(Denerim, Elven Alienage)
[158] The Grey Wardens (Duncan)
[159] The Korcari Wilds (Ostagar)
[160] Darkspawn (Duncan)
[161] The Blight (Deep Roads, Caridin's Cross)


[162] Alistair, [163] Queen Anora, [164] Bhelen Aeducan
[165] King Cailan Theirin, [166] Ser Cauthrien, [167] Connor Guerrin,
[168] Dog, [169] Duncan, [170] Arl Eamon Guerrin,
[171] King Endrin Aeducan, [172] Flemeth,
[173] Brother Ferdinand Genitivi, [174] Knight-Commander Greagoir,
[175] Lord Pyral Harrowmont, [176] Arl Rendon Howe,
[177] First Enchanter Irving, [178] Arlessa Isolde, [179] Leliana,
[180] Loghain Mac Tir, [181] Morrigan, [182] Oghren, [183] Shale,
[184] Sten, [185] Bann Teagan Guerrin, [186] Valendrian, [187] Wynne,
[188] Keeper Zathrian, [189] Zevran Arainai, [190] Witherfang,
[191] Sophia Dryden

Books and Songs

[192] Aveline, Knight of Orlais (Redcliffe城)
[193] Ballad of Ayesleigh (Redcliffe村 徴収兵の家)
[194] Meditations and Odes to Bees (Denerim, Eamon館)
[195] Adventures of the Black Fox (Lothering Chantry)
[196] The Holy Brazier (Urn's Ruined Temple)
[197] The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter1 (Kaitlyn宅)
[198] The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter2 (Broken Circle)
[199] The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter3 (Denerim宿屋)
[200] Caridin's Journal (Deep Roads)
[201] The History of the Chantry: Chapter1 (Tower of Ishal)
[202] The History of the Chantry: Chapter2 (Redcliffe城)
[203] The History of the Chantry: Chapter3 (Genitivi home)
[204] The History of the Chantry: Chapter4 (Denerim魔法店)
[205] The Tale of Iloren (Dalish Camp)
[206] Dane and the Wereowolf (Denerim, The Pearl)
[207] Death of a Templar (Village of Haven)
[208] A Very Chewed and Moist Book (Dog)
[209] The Noladar Anthology of Dwarven Poetry (Denerim市場)
[210] Feast Day Fish (Denerim, Eamon館)
[211] The First Blight: Chapter1 (Lothering Chantry)
[212] The First Blight: Chapter2 (Redcliffe城)
[213] The First Blight: Chapter3 (Urn's Caverns)
[214] The First Blight: Chapter4 (Denerim, Arl Denerim館)
[215] The Maker's First Children (Urn's The Gauntlet)
[216] The Legion of Steel (Orzammar Diamond Area:Shapers)
[217] In Uthenera (Dalish Camp, Book in a chest)
[218] Legend of Luthias Dwarfson (Ostagar, Ash warriors)
[219] In Praise of the Humble Nug (Orz Diamond:Shapers)
[220] Traditional Dwarven Folk Songs (Orz Diamond:Shapers)
[221] The Sermons of Divine Renata I (Urn's Ruined Temple)
[222] Journal of the Tranquil (Redcliffe城)
[223] Trian's Journal (Orza, Royal Palace)
[224] The Journal of Enchanter Wilhelm (Wilhelm's Cellar)
[225] Cautionary Tales for the Adventurous (Kaitlyn宅)
[226] Sophia Drayden's Journal (Warden's Keep)


[227] Cailan's Documents - Page 3 of 3 (Return to Ostagar)
[228] Berwick's Letter (Redcliffe酒場のBerwick)
[229] A Letter to someone in Highever (Dog, Lake Calenhad)
[230] A Letter from King Endrin (Orzammar王宮)
[231] A Note from the Honnleath Village Council (Honnleath村)
[232] A Note from Ser Henric (Lothering)
[233] A Letter from Rica (Orzammar)
[234] A Carved Elven Tablet (Ruin of Werewolf)
[235] A Tattered shopping List (Redcliffe雑貨屋)
[236] Graffiti in Redcliffe's Tavern (Redcliffe酒場の落書き)
[237] A Decades-Old Letter (Wilhelm's Cellar)
[238] A Letter From Bann Mathuin Wulff (Warden's Keep)
[239] Avernus's Note (Warden's Keep)
[240] A Plea From Commander Athlar (Warden's Keep)
[241] Load Limit Reached (Deep Roads)
[242] The Black Vials (各地)
[243] Correspondence Interruptus (各地)
[244] Circles Within Circles (Circle Tower, Irvingの書斎)
[245] Desire and Need (Circle Tower)
[246] The Notes of Arl Foreshadow (Broken Tower, Stealing)
[247] Irving's Mistake (Circle Tower, Irvingの書斎)
[248] Promises of Pride (Circle Tower)
[249] Extracurricular Studies (Circle Tower)
[250] Cailan's Document - Page 2 of 3 (Return to Ostagar)
[251] Cailan's Document - Page 1 of 3 (Return to Ostagar)
[252] Return to Ostagar - Credits (Return to Ostagar)

Spell Combinations

[258] Shockwave
[259] Improved Drain
[261] Nightmare
[262] Shattering


[304] A Rolled-Up Note (Redcliffe城の地下牢)
[305] Summoning Sciences (Circle Tower)
[306] The Dead Caste (Deep Roads)
[307] The Crosscut Drifters (Deep Roads)
[308] The Gangue Shade
[309] The Key to the City (Orzammar)
[310] The Shaper's Life (Orzammar/Deep Roads)
[311] Topsider's Honor (Deep Roads)
[312] Jammer's Stash (Orzammar)
[313] Letter from the Blackstone Irregulars (Lothering)
[314] Blackstone Letter of Conscription (Lothering)
[315] Blackstone Letter of Condolences (Denerim宿屋)
[316] A Pinch of Ashes (Korcari Wilds)
[317] Letter to Jogby (Korcari Wilds, Jogby's body)
[318] Farewell Letter to Jogby (Korcari Wilds)
[319] Rigby's Last Will and Testament (Korcari Wilds)
[320] Signs of the Chasind (Korcari Wilds)
[321] The Mages' Collective (Redcliffe村、他)
[322] Asunder (Deep Roads)
[323] Unbound (Orzammar酒場NPC他)
[324] Caged in Stone (Orzammar Throne)
[325] By Order of Emer Thorogood
[326] The Scrolls of Banastor (Circle Tower他)
[327] Friends of Red Jenny (The Long Road)
[328] Five pages, Four Mages (Circle Tower)
[329] Watchguard of the Reaching (Circle Tower)
[330] Maleficarum Regrets (Lothering)
[331] Renold's Plea (街道)
[332] The Spot (Circle Tower)
[333] Letter of Termination (Mages' Collective)



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